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Kundasang Kiram Village Trip

Special Cover for Kiram Village

My trip to Kundasang is coming soon!

Where is kundasang?

Well,Kundasang located in Sabah,Malaysia,a small town area of Ranau.

If you guys have time,must come to Sabah for a sweet escape!

Of course Sabah was not as cool as Japan,or UK or other states.

We don't have 4 seasons in here. We only have Summer Time ALL THE TIME.

Only certains period have rain seasons,mostly is super hot sun...

So a lot of foreigner loves Sabah! *Sun burning was nice - they say*

Tanning skins was sexy i thought =)

But im born with a skin that won't dark even went for island n sun bath the whole day!!

Pity ... ok back to my post!

I'm staying in this Kiram Village (claps claps claps!!)- pics below -

Its located deep inside Desa Farm Road or we call Mesilau .

See the cabins? thts where the boss rent out to travellers =)

Quite pretty right ? I love the yellow flowers!!

Seems like a view from the lake

The location of this cabins was in :

Photo credits to owner : Mr Jamal

Let me produce some of this Cabins info so if anyone interested,can try to

book for a holiday in here

Accomodation provided was :

1. Strawberry Cabin

2. Cabbage Cabin ( Detached Double Storey Cabin )

3. Celery & Tomato Cabin ( Semi-D Cabin )

4. Chilli & Onion ( Semi-D Room )

5. Carrot Cabin ( the smallest 1 )

I'm not sure of the price, but i'm taking a 3 room Cabin with only RM300.00

We are 8 people going to stay here . So its quite cheap!

It provided BBQ spot just outside your cabin somemore!

If you wanna come for COOL & CHILL BBQ time , take this village .

I believe u'll love the scenery around :)

But if u hates Crickets sound , better pick a good hotel nearby .

Kundasang have many Hotels around .

But they charges quite pricey , example :

I stay in Celyn hotel before for a Room with Two single size bed .

They charge me rm180++ a night . (4 person staying)

And ofcoz - NO AIRCON in certain Kundasang Hotel .

Cos Kundasang is quite cold . so many hotels save on their aircon fees..

I bet they earn quite high as they only use normal ceiling fan and charges

around rm150-rm300(peak season) a room . Whoaaaa .....

Anyway ,

If you still interested to stay here , do drop by Desa Farm where u can see

real cows around being milking and u could get urself a DESA fresh

milk ! It's super nice anyway ! Direct from the FARM n GURANTEE FRESHNESS!

Its located not far from the cabins

And we do have some places of interest nearby :

1.Kundasang War Memorial

2.National Park


4.Sabah Tea Garden

5.Kg Luanti Fish Spa

6.Poring Hot Spring

7. Rose Garden

(where u can buy n plug roses urself for RM 1-3 each if im not wrong)

so u wont get bored if you come Kundasang.

U can enjoy the nature here if you're a nature lover.

If u lucky,u could find blooming Rafflesia here as well!

I remember i drop by a road its says "Rafflesia blooming within 2 days on (time)"

So try ur luck anyway!

Kiram Village contact info :

Do contact this number : +0198213443

or Email to enquire :

p/s : this post was specially to my readers,it doesn't contain any

prejudice on owner,and didn't mean to copy right anything nor

copying pictures.I'm here to introduce more people to know

this accomodation in Kundasang as its really have the scenery

and beauty of nature that i don't hope ppl arounds doesn't

even know it existance.. Thousand apologises if i did offend :(

Woohooo!!another 22 days to Kundasang!!!

*Qi Er*


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