Life is about everything ... ♪ Li-Chan うさぎ ツ

爱天,爱雨,和彩虹 。。我是莉芳 ♥

A lil memories,happiness n sorrow of now...

Can't believe i've been passing a lot of hours and days and months with you.

Can't believe i've been sharing the same roof,pillow n bed with you now.

Things pass fast.Although we together not so long,but the fresh memories

of us together was still with me.I remember seeing you in school,in the

very old classrooms,in a very boring situation when the teacher

walk in n start his lecturer,just like the world was only him understand.

I remember seeing you once a week only,because u're only taking

Accounting were there sitting 2 rows behind me sometimes.

is either with a guy or a girl.

And sometimes,u were sitting alone over the corner.

Hehhehehee...Although we never sit together anyway,cos i have

a bestie beside me, 3 bestie....

i guess we r the most 'gelojoh' group cos Winnie ate a lot during class.


What the year again back then?errr....recall....

Its December 2008-May 2009 classes if im not wrong.

Cos we officially talking to each other was on October 2009.

Cos i remember that is during my break up times,and Winnie invited

everyone to share the unhappy moment in Firefly with me.

So u were there.That's the first time we actually say HI . and get to

know each other..... Fate actually bring us well ....

When i did couple back with Mr.D,and when the misunderstood happen

between me n his family,causing us to separate,

And thts where u were...with me all the times....

I still remember we hang out when im sad,u were like my "crabbie"

protecting me under ur shell....when i was not in the mood,

I joined a girl in club,u were there telling me no,cos u know the girl

wasn't the right one i should join...when i get back to ur table,i remember

u hold me tightly...u wanna keep me safe....and got once,when u drunk,

i told u that ur fren did held me,u were not happy,i can see from your face

and i know why....cos u were the protective type...

One day,out of the blues,u were asking me can i officially be ur gal...

well,thts the day we started....and its been a years passed by now...

almost 2 years we've been together...

{ i guess this is the 1st picture we took together }

we were just friend at this time :)

The night during CNY 2010 we clubs.

Erm,havent my bf yet :)

{ the 1st pic we taken when im officially your gal }

i realise you look handsome after we dated! *winks! love potion???*

Today,i'm a happily married woman with you.

Although times were tough for us,im willing to share everything with you.

Although some stupid books did say prophecy of our relationship was

not that good,some even says if we married,we will have wealth problems,

some even says we r not destinated together....I really dont care much...

sometimes,i did feel sad when i hear about this,but.....

i don't bow my head to destiny(命运).

I felt that destiny is under my hand...i able to control it...

books was dead,ppl was alive,why should i trust the stupid prediction

and let go my one good relationship....?

If i really had done the best for my love one,but i doesn't seems to be

appreciate one day,then i lose also felt it's worth....

Because i know i've try my best to keep a good relation.

We did have a lot of arguement before,the sadness and sorrow always

happen between us....everyday i wish for a better tomorrow,

everyday i wish you weren't giving me any shit faces when u just

wake up from the bed(been disturbed tht 1) ,everyday i wish

u were a happily man,everyday i wish your work was success,

everyday i wish we weren't in an arguement for something

thats not worth.....and everyday i wish you sleep beside me...

Say real,im a sensitive woman..well,i believe every woman are sensitive.

I'm trying to equalize my sensitive so you couldn't actually feels it..

I'm trying to keep you happy,giving u all the smiling face,I'm trying

to match everything up with you so you wouldn't feel bored to have

me by your living to your expectation more than my own expectation.

Something bad happen lately to my work place.

I've been meeting human matters so toughfully

Stress til nowhere to go,i actually went home crying.

Saying about something happens lately,

did u realise when is the time i actually needs you?

Did u know why when im stress up with job,n i only can cry when i went home?

And you were there nagging at me when i cry?

Did u know that actually what i need was a shoulder to lay on and some

nice words instead of your rude face asking me why i cry again?

I know u feel useless because u feel when the time i've been bully in the office,

you cant do anything...u wanna protect me but u just dun knw how....

or .... i can say you HATE girl crying in front of u....

what can i do actually ? Crying in front of other guy instead of crying in front of u?

Is that what u want ?

Or u were hoping i grew a bit stronger n tougher instead of crying like a small kid

who drop a sweet?

If im there to grew stronger n tougher , im meeting your expectation in this,

i dun think that time you will like my attitude in solving my problems.

I dont think u enjoying that you were actually having a superwoman beside

you that can settle emotionally and physically by herself.

Maybe tht time,u will think why am i so strong,and why i seems dont need

you beside me anymore....

Sometimes i really don't know what to do...gasping for breathe..

I just want a person to be by my side cheering me up when i cry..

because my job wasn't treating me good..been bully always...

couldn't resign because i need to settle my debts first...

but no one ask me to resign,but...

i dun wanna burden you..i know you dun wan me been bullied

everyday,but if i resign,you will need to bared all my expenses...

its not that im saying you're weren't capable to bared,

but it's just too burdening ... its not about hundreds,its bout thousand...

im not an emotional person when it comes to the matter of

burdening other ppl.....Im not a mama girl that when i got bullied,

i can throw letter and dont work n let my mama pay off all my debts...

thts y all i can do is just fight back the person who bully me,

and if i been more torture,i only can go home n cry........

i know im weak :(


I really wish i could run after May12 next year

and there's no more rainy days for me

It's been tough for facing all the tears by myself

over the pillows,under the blankets,and even

inside the bathroom

I super need a shoulder to lay on sometimes.


I super need your cares and loves.....

Instead of nagging me "Why you cry again!"

Im crying in front of the guy i love,cos i only show everything to him.....

I'm a tough girl in front of my family n friends anyway

I would rather show them the smiley face instead

of sadness when i go out with them...

I guess,my previous lover know quite well about me on this matter

cos he's the ONLY one who always see me crying

back in 7 years time.

I really hope you could understand.

I cry not because im weak,and i do not cry to everyone beside me

Cos i don't need everyone to lend me a shoulder n telling me not to cry

I just need to show Who Am I when with you cos i know in front of you

i actually no need to pretend im TOUGH enough

It's a simple reason why i cry everytime.
I dont want to be fake in front of my love one

If im so fake,there's no place for me to show my REAL face though.

Just sharing here.........been meeting quite a lot of "human matters"
in my job lately...just don't know y my boss so like me to "lick her butt"
so she wouldn't take me to scold for the rest of the day...

* Qi-Er *

Back from Mesilau =)

Know who is the black man?


Arggh...................he came down kk for Hennessy Artistry night =)

But i din manage to took a picture with him..

due to i've left earlier as i'm feeling a bit exhausted there.

HE did took a picture with him n show me the next day!!

* Freaking Jealous okay =( *

Oh well .........

Just finished our trip.

Mesilau was a nice place anyway,with lots

of nice little FLIES around. euuuu.........

i hate FLIES anyway,but the place was quite old.

We stayed in Kiram Village but to our disapointment,

the place quite dirty and ... erm ...

not that well organised i guess .

No electric , No water .. I mean, ON N OFF !

super hate..

we had our bbq session anyway,enjoyed the night

with Rummy =)

Below picture was snapped in Kundasang War Memorial

Our gang below . stil got one whole family and one couple

left out in this pictures . they lefted =(

Anyway,its a bit exhausted for this trip .

Reach home around 8pm at night,and our place

was having storm =(

thank god the storm wasn't attacking Mesilau tht night

*Qi Er*

FREE Seats for 2012 is BACK !!

Did u just saw what i saw ??
FREE Seats are back! And the damn line is damn jammed!
but i manage to get myself some tickets to holiday for next year!
lets say WOOHOO !!!

If u wanna book,faster log on to
Airasia website and book it .
Travel for May - end of Oct next year =)
Wish u guys good luck as i've waited it from 12am
until morning n until now evening that i just
gotten my tickets =(

i notice the taxes had increase.
Suppose we're going on family board to Taiwan
but the tickets cost us for rm300+ each person .
Too expensive :(
a bit dissapointed anyway....

my next trip was in Malaysia only.

11 Aug im reaching Penang for makan makan again! YES !!
super like it baby~~
while there's a jimui trip on 5th October ~~ hahahahaha!
going to trip with my two bestie =)

Will update soon about the trip in the right bar =)

*Qi Er*

Just Married !

I'm officially his WIFE now.

Can't believe im out of single life already

The life i ever wanted since few years ago.

I'm a girl that really enjoy being around with my loves one

I would say, i love cooking , i enjoy making my love one happy ,

i enjoy his companion , i enjoy spending ALL my times with him .

I even enjoy hearing my loves one snoring beside me.

LOL ......

I love Married life.

But it's not granted before in my past relationship...

Here,im married to this man i truly love.quite happy.

I wish everything going on smoothly....

Just married cert.

It's a big thing when it comes to married.

If u're rich,then it's not a big deal .... but when its not , then u really have

to know how to handle if problems occur.

We're quite lucky cos my parents wouldn't rush us anything

on our wedding. My mom was waiting patiently for everything

under our preparation . Although i did quarrel with her over some issue,

but she did understand and follow my wills .

Sorry mother . it's not that i don't want to make it as perfect as u want it to be,

But i really want u to know, im happily married nw.

It doesn't mean that money brings everything,it doesn't mean that

it bring happiness .

Let me tell u a fact about money and rich.

( read only . if you don't agree,just let it be )

I always feel tht money always bring unhappiness.

Even rich ppl will feel not enough money n always sick of finding

more n more money.They r not happy neither .

Even their wifes would worried sick if their husband was rich enough

to pay for some chicks around.

Money will only bring happiness when u felt u're actually lucky enough

to be able to eat a plate of economy rice, a plate of chicken burger set

instead of double cheese chicken burger set , a plate of light sandwich

instead of mumble-jumbo huge sandwich which costs u few more bucks!

I don't feel that sitting over Starbucks everyday with my laptop

make me feel im rich enough to pay a cup of RM14+ coffee everyday.

Instead,i felt im sitting there was to enjoy my life when i'm really stress up!

People would always says "Married rich man,Married rich man" but

does other ppl understand wht a girl feels when she is marrying a man for

money? I gurantee that,

1. No Freedom

*due to facey problem-u cant linger with some poor dudes or else,

when ur mother / father in law frens saw u, u're doom for making them lose face

2. No Cares from husband

*ur husband will only keep on finding money,even when

u're sick,ur husband will say "u take k urself,go ask driver bring u to doctor,im busy with

some meetings later on"

3. Lack of security

*womans especially,will worry if their husband have extra money

for some younger chicks around. some bossy would always travel China for business

4. Lack of companion

*business business all the times , who would company womans?

husband would only give moneys,cards,cars for woman to enjoy . do u think woman

don't feel lonely ?

5. Lack of trust

*well ... this one i guess every rich woman MUST trust their husband

MONEY instead of trusting their husband is Loyal enough to them.. maybe in the

world there was once a man who really Rich + Loyal to a woman . i doesn't mean

all rich man r tht disloyal , but , once in a blue moon - fucking around does exists ok?

6. Family communication lesser with daddy

*don't u feel pity when ur son ask u "where's daddy?can i talk phone with daddy?

i miss daddy..i make a drawing for daddy n hope he can see it..." and what u can do

as a mommy ? im sure u would answer " daddy will be back soon . daddy is

busy meetings now " . while ur kids was waiting over the front door holding

the nice drawing , or silently by the window for his daddy to come home .

7. Lack of funs

*u're husband wont play with u cos he's too tired for business. Maybe he'll

spend the weekend at home resting, while U love family weekends.

So, u're the only mother n father who brings ur kids around the beach,

and being pick n drop by the driver. (although not all husband is like tht)

8. Lack of sexual desire / sexual activities

*well, some man does take sex to release stress, but not all . some had decrease

in sexual desire when he felt too stress in work.usually,businessman wouldn't

share much about business with their woman because all they want was a woman

that could take k the house n family,and not taking k of his business. Some man even

found out that their family was a stress to them when it comes to "i need to find more

money to give my family a happy life" .. and it ends up,going out, karaoke-ing,hugging,

kissing,sexing,bla bla bla ..... its normal ok? - just to release their stress n burden.

9. Lack of self-control

*woman will use more money when their man doesn't around. cos tht what the man

says "im outstation for few weeks,i drop by the money for u to spend,if finish,

use the cards i some nice clothes for urself n kids,bring them to dinner"

So what can woman do? Spending!

10. Self-emotion
*all woman have an emotion that would comes up n down like mood swing sometimes.

especially when they feel they need their husband to talk , to share , but their husband not around,busy with work or so .... Or when woman feel low during taking k of sick kids .

They will feel not happy but could recover themself up if they r tough enough.

11. More responsibility

*i bet woman who married rich man have more responsibility.not only to their kids as

they were like mom n dad to them , also to their mother/father in law. They have

to be the best daughter in law to them,some rich ppl which needs a "BEST in law"

makes the daughter like servant . Eventhou they have servant already,as wife,still need

to take k of the cloths,the foods,the caress to the old folks once in a while.

12. Be in style

*don't try to wear a mini skirt go out with ur frens n hang around the bar!

i'm sure your mother in law would nag at u for losing their face! instead,u have to

wear a nice dress or a nice suite for any events. i guess,even go market

also need to wear properly or else,ppl would says tht rich wife wear so lousy

to the market =(

I did date my rich ex before,so thts a bit though from his mom as well.

I haven't married in , also like that already . and what if i married in?

LOL .................

Anyway. Share finish !

* Qi-Er *

Kundasang Kiram Village Trip

Special Cover for Kiram Village

My trip to Kundasang is coming soon!

Where is kundasang?

Well,Kundasang located in Sabah,Malaysia,a small town area of Ranau.

If you guys have time,must come to Sabah for a sweet escape!

Of course Sabah was not as cool as Japan,or UK or other states.

We don't have 4 seasons in here. We only have Summer Time ALL THE TIME.

Only certains period have rain seasons,mostly is super hot sun...

So a lot of foreigner loves Sabah! *Sun burning was nice - they say*

Tanning skins was sexy i thought =)

But im born with a skin that won't dark even went for island n sun bath the whole day!!

Pity ... ok back to my post!

I'm staying in this Kiram Village (claps claps claps!!)- pics below -

Its located deep inside Desa Farm Road or we call Mesilau .

See the cabins? thts where the boss rent out to travellers =)

Quite pretty right ? I love the yellow flowers!!

Seems like a view from the lake

The location of this cabins was in :

Photo credits to owner : Mr Jamal

Let me produce some of this Cabins info so if anyone interested,can try to

book for a holiday in here

Accomodation provided was :

1. Strawberry Cabin

2. Cabbage Cabin ( Detached Double Storey Cabin )

3. Celery & Tomato Cabin ( Semi-D Cabin )

4. Chilli & Onion ( Semi-D Room )

5. Carrot Cabin ( the smallest 1 )

I'm not sure of the price, but i'm taking a 3 room Cabin with only RM300.00

We are 8 people going to stay here . So its quite cheap!

It provided BBQ spot just outside your cabin somemore!

If you wanna come for COOL & CHILL BBQ time , take this village .

I believe u'll love the scenery around :)

But if u hates Crickets sound , better pick a good hotel nearby .

Kundasang have many Hotels around .

But they charges quite pricey , example :

I stay in Celyn hotel before for a Room with Two single size bed .

They charge me rm180++ a night . (4 person staying)

And ofcoz - NO AIRCON in certain Kundasang Hotel .

Cos Kundasang is quite cold . so many hotels save on their aircon fees..

I bet they earn quite high as they only use normal ceiling fan and charges

around rm150-rm300(peak season) a room . Whoaaaa .....

Anyway ,

If you still interested to stay here , do drop by Desa Farm where u can see

real cows around being milking and u could get urself a DESA fresh

milk ! It's super nice anyway ! Direct from the FARM n GURANTEE FRESHNESS!

Its located not far from the cabins

And we do have some places of interest nearby :

1.Kundasang War Memorial

2.National Park


4.Sabah Tea Garden

5.Kg Luanti Fish Spa

6.Poring Hot Spring

7. Rose Garden

(where u can buy n plug roses urself for RM 1-3 each if im not wrong)

so u wont get bored if you come Kundasang.

U can enjoy the nature here if you're a nature lover.

If u lucky,u could find blooming Rafflesia here as well!

I remember i drop by a road its says "Rafflesia blooming within 2 days on (time)"

So try ur luck anyway!

Kiram Village contact info :

Do contact this number : +0198213443

or Email to enquire :

p/s : this post was specially to my readers,it doesn't contain any

prejudice on owner,and didn't mean to copy right anything nor

copying pictures.I'm here to introduce more people to know

this accomodation in Kundasang as its really have the scenery

and beauty of nature that i don't hope ppl arounds doesn't

even know it existance.. Thousand apologises if i did offend :(

Woohooo!!another 22 days to Kundasang!!!

*Qi Er*

HK trip ! Euuuuu :(

Hey,its been almost 2 month n im quite missing from space lately!!

Quite busy with trip! Just back from Hong Kong lately !

SUPER don't like HK ! wth ..... ppl there was sooooooo rude!

All the plates,spoon,fork,etc was like flying-utensils.All could be heard

from the restaurant (High-class 1 ok) was BILING BALANG TILING TALANG!

Oh god......................

and HK ppl especially in the area of Temple Street was EXTREMELY

HAM SAP!!!!! on the 2nd day in HK,i was wearing a dress with a bit V neck

during my morning was a bit raining that day,and i was quite tired

walking with my mom and also my auntiesss so i take a sit outside Guardian

(which they name it Mannings) . There's an 40 middle man passing by and

he directly come to stand in front of me while i was busy reading the maps!

So i was quite shock that someone was standing Exactly in front of me,and i look up

(while my mother was standing beside me looking at the same man as well)

To my suprise,he was looking at my "Long Kang" (my V boobs) !!!

OMG............i was stunt for tht moment n he quickly move away after he notice i

was looking at him .

F**king shit! I looked at my mom n she say "what a shit place is this,luckily u

notice that ham sap man,if not i could have yell the hell out him" ...

The whole day i was holding the map on my chest and shop like that!

( MY V wasn't that DEEP n BIG ok....and i really don't know why that old man

like never see boobs! omg ............ there's a lot of AH MOI even bigger lorrrrrrrrrr!! )

Euuuuuuu. never gonna go HK again!

but anyway,i enjoyed the food there even service was quite bad.

The food there was quite a lot,especially the Rice ... it was like "tambah nasi" ..

Macam Bukit itu nasi (Rice high Like mountain)

n it only charges us for RM8 ( the food was yummy as well )

If in Sabah, one plate of Kue tiaw goreng already rm6 (not delicious+lesser)

I didn't get to snap much pictures in HK . due to the super-old culture and

super rude peoples,i wasn't in the mood to snap even :(

The buildings were so old as well ....

I did went to Causeway Bay to shopping, but i still prefer Taiwan shopping.

Taiwan ppl was nicer,place was more comfortable....

Say hello to Taiwan again Next year !!!!!!

Planning to go again with my Fiance family =)

* Qi Er *

Life...moving another step

Life is unpredictable..It's been a year pass 3 months we've been together

with the so-called bad cum cool cum LC cum playboy man =,=''

(so called as outside the most bad man tht everyone's insulting)

But i can answer them all i fully accept his imperfectness

and im here to help him to achieve the perfectness for ourselves

Not for them.And proudly to says, he's a best man .

He had some special character that you guys doesn't know about it..

Ofcos imperfection always happen...and i doubt it and complains a lot

about's not because he's wasn't the one im looking for..

it's because im the one making everything seems complicated

as i'm still , up to today , complaining , and stupidly comparing

to others as well ... why he like this , why he like that ..

why just he's not enough caring like others?

why he's just not that loving and why he's so f***ing cold-blooded

when i was freaking tired and need his loves and concern..

why when im sick,all he can says is that "go n take medicine"

without filling some love in his word...

It's because God create every mankind with different type

of caring and loving attitude. Even god himself do agree that

he is not making everyone 100 percent perfect...

and i'm now trying to make this "my man" to be more perfect

than god's creation?How fool am i ....

I can't make him into a perfect man,and yet,i should accept

his imperfectioness.i bet,i grow up a bit....

(if u know me well,u wil suprise i say so)

After analysis,i realise that he is not that bad anyway

At least,he is a "house-guy" to me...he knews how to help in the

laundry,cooking,fixing things esp. electrical,fixing computers,

helping me out to entertain my good puppy when i was super

tired after calling it a day from office....

even take tuala for me when i ask him to ...

when there's moisquitos in the kitchen,he even help me to put

on the moisquitos coil ....

even boiled hot water for me to bath (although sometimes only)

still feel grateful when i calculate his Good..

He is better than other guy least he is not those

who doesn't know how to cares a house

ok i mean a house (everything in the house) .....

ya im complimenting him.....

cos i really feel he is too independent enough to be himself..

i found a really nice guy who can independent in taking care

of a house,and could really take care of a family.

God just gave me once in a lifetime of a guy that i need.....

Each guy with different attitudes and manners.And im here

to pick which one is the best for me....

God once gave me a guy that is Rich,good manners,doesn't

even say No,obedients to me,spends on me,bring me for good

food,sent food to me in office,treats me like a princess...but

doesn't romantic,si-ban ban attitude,doesn't creative,always

stay in the house,games always,and yet super mama-boy....

even fixing the stuff also need to calls someone to help out.

even making a decision also with a kinda lame attitude.

doesn't even have the right to speak and stand still at house afterall :(

God also once gave me a guy that is not so rich,

have a wery bad temper,sensitive,action plus good for nothing

except showing off his cars,speak before brain plus show off his

"sek siu siu ban toi biu" attitude!but he is romantic enough to cheer up

my heart....knows how to catch my heart with fancy ideas,bringing

me to travel on road...

From where im making all the comparasions,

God is here with me,giving me so much let me see

which one i should choose to be the right one...

I met many guys with different type of attitudes

As i did say,some can be BF,some can be husband...

some may not even be BF nor husband but Friends...

The one im with now....i know he did had many bad bad bad attitudes

beside the good ones i list above..and yet,i did complain to him as well..

but today,im blogging that i might be able to accept his imperfectionest..

i know he might be not the guy i always wanted,and there's a lot out there

which god might plans for me to choose again, yet ... i still feel that

i wanna be with him ... even how bad he is, i hope that he'll realise one day

that i'm here to be with him...

although sometimes im in the moment of suffering of matching

both of ours attitudes and behaviour,i still wont give up...

i will try my best to be his perfect 1 =)

We'll be hitched next year...I hope everything goes smoothly..

like grandma always told me before,as long as a guy knows

how to cares the family,doesnt cheat on me,bares some of the

expenses for house,he is a good guy...

"attitudes always can bring it on adjust,and it depends on how u two think"

she talk with me about this since the 1st time i've date

and i feel she's talking the right thing..